This 7-in-1 EDC Pen integrates everything from a phone stand to a screwdriver!

With innovations and upgrades taking place in every sector, it seems like the arena of stationery has decided to play catch up as well! ATECH’s multifunctional seven-in-one pen is a marvel in itself. What starts off as a handy ballpoint pen goes on to reveal six more of its counterparts. Not only does it function as a ballpoint pen, but as a stylus for your smartphone and other touch screen devices, bottle opener, 2mm mini flat-head screwdriver, 2.5 mm Phillips screwdriver, smartphone stand and a metric and inch ruler! It provides multiple solutions for your minute everyday problems! Crafted out of aluminum and copper, the tool is durable and easily portable, ensuring you don’t have to carry around your box full of heavy equipment here and there! It is TSA compliant, making it even more portable and travel-friendly.

Confused what to gift your loved ones of the opposite sex? With its 1-year warranty, and multiple (underplaying it here) uses, ATECH’s multifunctional seven-in-one pen is sure to be a safe bet!

Designer: ATECH

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