Digital lamp projects sewing patterns onto your table

When fashion designers or clothesmakers use patterns for their creations, they have to print it out and there are a lot of trial and error that can contribute to paper waste. But what if you could do away with that and use digital technology and gadgets to help make the process easier and also save some of the materials that may later be thrown away. Now sewing machine giant Singer and fabric retailer JOANN have come up with a device that can do just that.

Designer: Singer and JOANN

Ditto is the name of their joint venture and the product that can potentially revolutionize sewing is a digital lamp. This device can project the paper patterns that designers, sewists, and seamstresses may need onto a table and help them finalize their samples. They can also easily customize the measurements and even modify the designs without having to waste a lot of paper since everything can just be done digitally without need to print out paper patterns.

The lamp can be placed on your desk or work area and you have a cutting mat underneath it. The fabric that you need to cut is placed on top of the base and the projector places the pattern onto the cloth. You can then modify or directly cut the fabric once you’re satisfied that it’s the right measurement you need. The Ditto website also has hundreds of different designs that you can use and their goal is also to make the industry more inclusive and accessible.

They believe that the Ditto device is actually the first time that paper patterns have evolved since they were first invented in 1860. It’s available for pre-order and will be released by March 1. Pricing is around $79.99 which is a pretty good cost for something that can be really helpful for your business or for your hobby.