This multi-hinge kinetic cabinet-door opens in the most unusual style!

Built out by YouTuber and woodwork craftsman Dekay’s Crafts, the ‘kinetic scissor door’ uses a series of folding segments to open in an absolutely eye-catching way. Most wooden doors either open on a single hinge, or a sliding rail, but Dekay’s scissor door fragments into 6 different pieces as it opens, and joins back into a flat panel when closed.

You can check out the video above to see how Dekay built out this unique ‘kinetic scissor door’, or just scroll down to see the door in action below!

The unusual door uses a total of 6 hinges that allow the door to fragment into 6 pieces and reassemble when either completely open or closed. It’s honestly one of the most pleasing little interactions I’ve seen and really gives a simple cabinet a new lease of life. The cabinet’s door sports diagonal cuts running 45° across, and from what I gather, the entire door is shaped to be a 2:1 rectangle.

Anyone familiar with Klemens Torggler’s Evolution Door from 2013 may recognize this unique format. Instead of a simple panel that swings or slides open, both Torggler’s Evolution Door and Dekay’s Scissor Door split and ‘fold’ open. There’s obviously no overarching functional benefit to such a door, but it’s definitely much more interactive and visually pleasing!

Designer: Dekay’s Crafts