This iPhone Magsafe charger comes with a wireless attachment that doubles as your backup power bank!

Chau is a new modular charger that comes with a charging dock station and wireless charger the size of a pop socket so you can charge on the go without the bulk of portable charging packs.

Leaving the house at 25% always feels like a gamble. When our phones aren’t fully charged, we know we’ll have to compromise our precious screen time if we plan on Ubering home at the end of the night. Wireless chargers come in handy, but their bulkiness makes it feel like lugging around another iPhone altogether. Designer Seo Youngeun collaborated with Designer Dot to conceptualize a wireless iPhone charger called Chau that adds as much bulk to your smartphone as a pop socket.

Chau is a wireless charger that can be either mobile or stationary. Much like wireless chargers already on the market, Chau comes in two parts: a wireless charger and its charging dock. The charging dock can be plugged into any outlet and features two charging stations for Apple products. The raised charging station holds the auxiliary charger in place so users can either leave their phone to charge on the dock or dislodge the auxiliary charger from its magnetic port and charge on the go. Working from home, we don’t have all of the supplemental charging accessories that fill up the office and our appliances with juice. Chau is designed especially for new WFH circumstances, where we move from one room to the next with our iPhones in tow and our chargers left behind. With Chau, our iPhones can always have access to some extra battery juice.

Besides the wireless charging port, Chau features a flat charging surface similar to Apple’s MagSafe Charger that can charge any EDC Apple product from your Apple Watch to your AirPods. Made from silicone and coated in varying shades of matte plastic, Chau has a similar texture to that of other Apple charging products. Having Chau in your home office will help streamline our workdays and keep our iPhones running as long as we are.

Designer: Seo Youngeun x Designer Dot

Before settling on Chau’s final form, Seo Youngeun went through multiple ideations.

Chau is compact by design so it can fit on any desk or in any workspace.

Chau allows for landscape positioning so you can stream or watch movies while charging. 

Chau’s flat charging surface lets users charge their EDC Apple items like AirPods and Apple Watches. 

Chau’s modular auxiliary charger comes with its own charging ports so users can charge it while away from home. 

Seo Youngeun adapted Apple’s silicone and matte plastic design language for Chau.

Chau’s charging dock can standalone and remain fully charged in place on your desk. 

Coming in an array of different colors, Chau adds some color to your home office.