This tiny coffee maker can grind, brew, and filter your coffee beans… and it’s the size of a Starbucks cup

A winner of the iF Design Award as well as the Golden Pin Design Award, the ATONCE is a compact, portable 5-in-1 coffee machine that can fit right in your pocket.

Designer: LKK Design

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Ask a coffee purist what they think of instant coffee and Nespresso pods, and you’ll understand what the ATONCE is trying to achieve. The perfect coffee isn’t a beverage, it’s a journey. The beans need to be roasted, ground, brewed, and filtered before you get yourself a cup of sheer perfection… and often, those procedures can require multiple appliances.

That being said, there’s a certain simplicity to popping a Nespresso or Keurig pod into a small machine and having coffee come out the dispenser. It’s convenient, takes less time, and in some situations, can be portable too… but it’s sort of like comparing instant noodles to a bowl of authentic ramen that’s been drizzled with slow-cooked dashi broth and topped off with slices of pan-seared pork. Similarly, great coffee comes from a bean, not an industrially-packaged pod, and while there’s no arguing that the pod’s much more convenient when you want that quick fix, ATONCE is changing that by making bean-to-brew coffee easy, convenient, and portable.

The ATONCE coffee maker is a thermos-sized device that comes with its own kettle, bean-grinder, pour-over filter, and coffee-mug. Compact enough so you can carry it around with you in your bag, backpack, or even in a baggy pocket, ATONCE helps you brew barista-grade coffee with your favorite beans wherever you are, in under 5 minutes. Its multi-part design has a kettle for pouring water, an adjustable ceramic-burr motorized bean-grinder, a double-mesh stainless steel filter, a vacuum-insulated coffee cup, and a sipper-lid, packaging every coffee-making appliance in a nifty, compact form. To ensure coffee-consistency, ATONCE comes with a 15g scoop that picks up just the right amount of beans for a single cup, and a 230ml marking on the kettle, allowing you to measure just the right amount of water for brewing the ‘golden cup’ according to the SCA or the Specialty Coffee Association… a fact that may sound slightly pretentious, but just goes to show how the ATONCE helps even novices make the perfect cup of coffee.

How it Works

It all starts with the grinding of the beans, which ATONCE’s burr-grinder does at the press of a single button. To achieve a consistent grind (because different-sized particles can mess up your brew), ATONCE uses a grinding shaft with two bearings to ensure the grinder doesn’t shake while rotating. The conical ceramic burr-grinder effectively collects and pulverizes the roasted beans to a sand-like consistency, and an adjustable gauge lets you choose how fine or coarse you want your brew (a coarser brew allows water to pass through faster, resulting in a milder coffee, a fine brew traps water for longer, making your coffee more intense). Once your beans are ground, they descend into the conical pour-over filter, lined with a double stainless steel mesh (so you don’t need to use/waste paper filters). The upper vessel of the ATONCE acts as a pouring kettle, while that sipper-lid lets you pour a fine stream of pre-heated water over your grounds. The coffee gradually brews and filters out through the sieves into the double-vacuum insulated cup, which you can then directly drink from, or close shut with the sipper lid while your coffee stays warm for up to 8 hours at a stretch.

About as tall as a Starbucks order, the ATONCE coffee maker can be carried to outdoor trips, in your car’s cup-holder, and can be used anywhere you are. The burr-grinder is powered by a 15W motor that runs off a 1600mAh battery which can grind about 18 cups worth of beans before needing to be recharged via USB. Each ATONCE comes with a handy USB cable too, along with the 15g scoop, a cleaning brush for maintaining the stainless-steel mesh filters, a portable beans container, and a user-manual. The entire coffee maker stands at under 9-inches tall and weighs a mere 700 grams, reinforcing its portability. It comes in 3 colors, black, white, and a rather heartwarming yellow, and begins shipping as early as next month! Go ahead and treat yourself to something vastly better than that second-rate mediocre powdered coffee.

Click Here to Buy Now: $94 $175 (46% off). Hurry, exclusive to YD readers only!