Three unique washing machines to freshen up traditional boring aesthetics with these modern designs!

Product design and experience innovation company, Whipsaw visualized three washing machine concepts that aim to challenge the status quo of home laundry appliances.

Washing machine designs tend to all blend into each other. Many design aspects of new washing machines are repeated, resulting in a bunch of washing machines that all look the same. Choosing the right one often boils down to only considering each machines’ technical attributes. Whipsaw, a product design, and experience innovation company, recently designed three different washing machine concepts that aim to challenge the status quo of laundry appliance designs.

The first concept from Whipsaw visualizes a machine constructed entirely from metal. The machine’s touchpoints have an icy, stainless steel quality that gives the machine an overall refined and sturdy build. A large, front-facing circular drum takes the load of laundry and a concealed main wash compartment where users can pour their detergent and fabric softener. To the right of the wash compartment, a rectangular steel panel displays information regarding each wash, from the time left in a cycle to the water temperature.

Another concept from Whipsaw takes on a post-modern personality. The pastel-colored washing and drying machines sit on top of one another and have their own distinct looks. The dryer’s drum has a muted yellow door and the washer features a soft periwinkle blue door. The machine’s control panel rounds the circumference of the washing machine’s door, projecting cycle durations and wash options on an LED display.

Lastly, Whipsaw took to the future for the third washing machine concept–designing a foggy, translucent door that would look right at home aboard a spacecraft. The washing machine features a structural build, forest green and gray-white finish with a bright LED control panel just above the main wash compartment where users can choose their wash cycles. The most exciting aspect of this design is the detachable control unit so users can keep track of wash cycles from anywhere around the house.

Designer: Whipsaw

The third concept’s detachable control unit allows users to check on the status of their laundry load from anywhere around the house.

The detachable control unit’s artful design will look right at home in the living room or bedroom.