This keyboard-like device uses visually impaired person’s sense of touch to deliver smartphone features

In an impressive stride toward innovation for special needs, Moadream – dedicated to enhancing the lives of the visually impaired – has unveiled an updated version of its keypad-based smartphone-like device for the visually impaired. Seamlessly marrying form and function, the new device, dubbed Matrix5, boasts an array of features and textures designed to cater to the user’s unique needs.

The defining characteristic of the Matrix5 lies in its ability to facilitate multi-dimensional communication through physical touch. Serving as much more than a conventional keypad, the Matrix5 opens doors to a world of possibilities.

Designer: Areum Gu

Matrix5 not only allows phone calls but also boasts a microphone, speaker, and even volume control. Its ergonomic design ensures a comfortable and secure one-handed grip, aligning with the experience of using smartphones sans a visual display.

The device’s sleek, refined, and textured form factor speaks about its meticulous attention to detail, while its every facet has been thoughtfully crafted to cater to both practicality and beauty. Its curved outline enhances holding comfort, making every interaction an effortless delight.

The left side is equipped with a thermal sensor, intuitively located where both thumbs would be naturally placed. On the opposite side, a triangular embossment offers tactile orientation, aiding the user in effortlessly navigating the device. In the center lies a spacious touchpad, a hub of multifunctionality that adapts to diverse user needs.

The interesting new device is tailored to enhance the capabilities of those who are blind and find it difficult to interact with traditional phone. The heightened sense of touch, referred to as ‘taction,’ is finely developed in the visually impaired compared to the average person. This means that users can accurately perceive each function through touch, transforming the Matrix5 into an intuitive extension of themselves.