The Neck Saver – Part Deux

About a year ago, we featured Rob Bye’s Stretchless Hanger, and now he’s back with version 2.0! Like the original, the design aims to speed up the process of hanging clothes without damaging or stretching the material. But after taking your feedback into consideration, the new and improved version is more rigid, structurally sound, and just as easy to use. Which one do you like better?!

Designer: Rob Bye


  • Jeremiah says:

    AGAIN! Just bring a regular hanger up from the bottom! It’s not a problem worth fixing, all you’re doing is getting rid of the option to hang pants if you want to! Who would want to have a single purpose hanger over a dual purpose hanger that takes up less space? Ugh…

  • ixiqi says:

    Just look at this:

    Japs has aready do this~

  • John Vinceace says:

    well, not really an innovating shape. Taking more space but still not more helpful.
    some work for no result

  • Gaby says:

    I will buy it just for the shape, not looking to save space, looking for something nice.

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