Please wear your seatbelts!


I firmly believe that the design process applies to futuristic design too. You can only make so many futuristic products that just have AI in every little nook and cranny. The product experience should have innovative thinking to it too. The Opel H was truly ground breaking in that sense, and the E-legance shown here does something similar. Innovation in the E-legance, much like the Opel H, lies in the doors of the vehicle. The seats are mounted on the doors which make it easy to deboard the vehicle when the doors open, because the seats slide outwards with the doors. Pretty neat, no!

The Hubless wheels, organic surfaces, and the screen-based dashboards are signature elements of a futuristic car concept, and they look great here, but the entire idea of a chair that slides out with the door just appeals to me! Think of how great it would be for the handicapped!

Designer: Wolfgang Schwarz