This outdoor recyclable cooler uses wool insulation to keep your drinks cool, and comes with its own charcuterie board lid!

Wool has a pretty good reputation as an insulating material, but you don’t instantly think of wool being used to keep something cool. Sure, woolen sweaters, mitts, socks, caps, they’re all used to trap your body heat and keep you warm, but with insulation, the inverse is true too! Meet the Wooly Eco-Friendly Cooler, an outdoor cooler that uses eco-friendly wool (as opposed to chemical insulants) to keep your cool drinks cool… and as an added bonus, it comes with a lid that doubles up as a charcuterie board so you can pair your wine with a few cold cuts of meat and some eclectic cheeses, or your beers with some chips and dip and a couple of cocktail nuts too!

Designers: Dave Nomura & Brook McLeod

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The Wooly is touted to be one of the only recyclable coolers available today, made from an outer casing of aluminum and stainless steel instead of plastic. It’s also the first consumer-grade cooler to use wool as an insulating material, instead of synthetic foam.

Also equipped with bamboo handles and a charcuterie-board on the top, every material used in the Wooly is either recyclable or biodegradable, allowing it to be broken down or repurposed when you’re done with it, with little to no waste generated in the process.

The idea for the Wooly comes from a rather adorably named Milwaukee company called Wool Street. Founded by husband & wife duo Dave Nomura and Brook McLeod, Wool Street focuses on enhancing a product experience through sustainability. Right off the bat, the Wooly Eco-Friendly Cooler definitely looks like an upgrade to the regular plastic coolers, with a slick matte aluminum body that’s reminiscent of high-tech gadgets (Apple and the like), with precise tolerances in the moving parts, and wood accents to provide a contrast against all that metal.

Opening the Wooly is a sheer pleasure, as its parallel linkage mechanism allows the lid to stay perfectly horizontal while it opens. This means you can place food/beverages on the lid and still open it, without worrying about stuff falling over. The Wooly’s metal body ensures that the center of gravity doesn’t shift as the lid opens outwards, ensuring everything always stays upright.

Each Wooly has an internal capacity of 52 quarts (perfectly fitting 78 regular cans of your favorite beverage), and even comes with optional accessories like a sandwich tray to preserve food too. The cooler’s double-wall insulation is filled with wool on the inside, and a rubber gasket around the edge of the lid creates an airtight seal along with the rotating handles that lock your Wooly shut, keeping your stuff icy-cold for 3 full days.

When the ice melts over, a drain-outlet on the side of the Wooly lets you flush out your cooler. Wooly accepts standard American garden hoses too, so you can drain the liquid out into a distant receptacle or drainage-hole if you like.

The design integrates the latch directly into the top of the handle and functions with an intuitive turn and lock motion.

Sandwich tray for those who’d like to keep their perishables high and dry.

The patent-pending Wooly comes at a special early-bird price of $175 for the silver aluminum variant, or $280 if you want it in anodized black aluminum. While being almost entirely recyclable or biodegradable, the Wooly’s still built to last. The aluminum is naturally corrosion-resistant, and the food-grade bamboo lid on top can last years with proper maintenance. To maximize your product’s life-cycle, Wool Street even plans on selling replacement parts on their website so you can get the most out of your eco-friendly cooler!

Click Here to Buy Now: $175 $300 (41% off). Hurry, only 37/50 left!