A Cast That Doesn’t Suck as Much


If you’ve ever broken a bone, chances are you remember just how inconvenient it was to have a heavy, itchy, not-so-hygienic cast. It’s almost as bad as the broken bone itself! Tung-Jun Yang’s proposal, called Cocoon, is an all-new type of cast that aims to be lighter, more breathable, more durable, and quicker-to-set than the old fashioned way.

First and foremost, its structure stabilizes the wrist which is a crucially important step in bone-mending. Unlike plaster casts which have restricted airflow, the Cocoon’s thin layers and perforations keep your body dry and allow for air movement over the skin. Last but not least, its innovative shape can be formed to appendages of varying size making them more economical to produce.

Designer: Tung-Jun Yang