With Zeppelin-inspired cushioning, this plush beech wood daybed was designed for daydreaming!

There’s no piece of furniture as classic and versatile as a daybed. Predating even the modern couch, daybeds have been sought after as elegant space savers since the 1600s. Typically consisting of a simple metal frame that carries a box spring to support a mattress, the daybed is like a modern bed that converts into a couch, for guests and residents to relax during the day. Teresa Lundmark and Gustav Winsth, two students attending Beckmans College of Design, recently collaborated with Gärsnäs, a family-owned factory of furniture-makers in Österlen, Sweden to design their own interpretation of the modern daybed, calling it Dag.

Lundmark and Winsth designed Dag for convenience above all else. Convenience in every sense of the word– relaxation, sustainability, and adaptability. Dag’s base is simple and clean, while the cushions are expressive and inviting, giving the daybed a mellow enough form to be placed in any room without obscuring or overshadowing the general feel of it. Gärsnäs furniture design expertise culminates with woodworking and since 2009, Gärsnäs has stayed committed to sustainability and eco-friendly design, making the team ISO 14001-certified, an international environmental management standard.

The combination of woodworking knowledge and sustainable design practices equipped Gärsnäs with the tools necessary to design a detailed, yet simple solid beech wood frame for Dag’s bolster, Zeppelin-inspired cushions to rest. The contrast between the cushions and base work together to enhance the daybed’s overall comfort, “The cushion swells out of the hollow base; a meeting between the scaled back and the expressive creates contrasts that accentuate them both,” notes Gustav Winsth.

Designers: Teresa Lundmark and Gustav Winsth x Gärsnäs

Dag’s detachable cushions naturally adhere to Gärsnäs’s furniture design reusability standards – minimizing the design’s environmental impact and expanding its life cycle.

Zeppelin-inspired cylinder cushions rise and sink according to the resting body’s silhouette.

Built from solid beech wood, Dag’s frame is simple and understated, yet durable and supportive.