A Different Kind of Drone Tech


The Tesla Drone is unique reinterpretation of drone ingenuity. The design is comprised of two independent propellers that can be manipulated into both vertical and horizontal positions at the flip of a switch. This allows for advanced stability control and enhanced video capture in a variety of scenarios from sports to art. By straying away from conventional quadcopter configurations, the Tesla Drone introduces a new means of flight and video capture without the need of a gimbal for stability. With a flight time of 60 minutes and charging in less than 20, along with a myriad of features like a 30 megapixel camera and 4k video recording, it’s almost a sure bet you’ll get the shot!

Designer: Fraser Leid

















  • Stephen Russell says:

    Option with every Tesla model sold & online & via Amazon.
    Mass produce
    How much now for said unit.

  • NZ says:

    The main thing I don’t get is the Tesla Motors branding. What does this drone have to do with the Tesla cars?

    One other thing seemed strange:

    For most vehicles operating in our atmosphere–but especially small electric ones that fly through the air–weight and wind resistance are a big concern. Every gram of weight and units-per-second of drag you can shave off the design is important. So, what’s with all the unnecessary material and non-aerodynamic shapes on this drone?

    • Aputsiaq says:

      One of Tesla’s main assets are their batteries. They will not be limited to the automotive industry going forward.

      • NZ says:

        I’m aware of this, but as far as I know Tesla is getting into the battery business, not the drone business. The drone would (likely) be made by a different company but use a Tesla (Powerwall?) battery. So it seems odd to have Tesla branding on the drone. That would be like putting “Everstart” on the front of my Toyota, instead of “Toyota”.

  • Steven says:

    This looks amazing but I am sceptic if this is an actual Tesla concept, or a project by someone else. Whats the source?

  • Tony Skvarek says:

    It seems that everybody’s getting into the drone race… OK so it flies for 60 minutes, takes 20 minutes to charge, it looks good, but how easy is it to fly? Is it going to cost as much as a Tesla ?
    I don’t understand instead of making 300% 400% 1000% on the product.. How about instead of $1000 for the product , then companies nickel and dime to get batteries ,camera , smart cards etc. how about $500 Or thousand dollars and it comes with everything you need. if you decide to add on you can, once you open that product it should be easy enough to fly and you should have everything you need to fly it……… As a company owner myself I rather have my product and 5000 hands instead of 100 hands. Not only will you have more people operating and telling everybody how easy it is!!!!!! Everyone once they learn to fly it and becomes comfortable with it …. that’s when they upgrade everything. Be known for easy operations, longevity of the battery, you would have so many more customers then DJ I or 3DR
    Seriously !!!!!!!

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