The Voronoi mesh on this bike helmet allows it to absorb maximum impact with minimal material

A perfect example of how generative design can be used to create products that serve their purpose incredibly well, the Voronoi Bike Helmet comes with an unusual mesh on its outer surface. The mesh, created using parametric modeling, helps maximize shock absorption while minimizing material used, creating a helmet that’s effective but also lightweight. Sitting right under the flexible mesh is its underlying hard-hat, made from carbon-fiber.

The helmets unusual design helps it do its job incredibly well. The outer layer cushions impact, while the underlying hard layer protects your skull. Both parts of the helmet use materials and modeling techniques that help them fulfill their requirements while being extremely lightweight, so you never really even feel like you’ve got a helmet on your head!

The Voronoi Bicycle Helmet is a winner of the A’ Design Award for the year 2020.

Designers: Zhecheng Xu and Yuefeng Zhou