Cardboard Comfort

No you are not looking at a comforter set for break dancers. This ingenious design called “Le Clochard” by SNURK is a great way to be reminded of the daily plight of the world’s homeless. Proceeds from the sale of these duvet sets will aid homeless shelters around the globe and bring new awareness to one of the oldest issues that plagues humanity. This high quality duvet cover features a photographic print of a cardboard box and is made of pure soft cotton. If you really want that authentic feel, invite in some diseased rats over, starve yourself for a few days, crank the AC and sleep with one eye open for random homeless bashers.

Designer: SNURK Studio [ Via: DesignZen ]


  • theRsole says:

    what kind of sick b*stard would want to sleep in that?!?

    • Hartigan says:

      Me!!! ’cause I did 4 years of University and now I can get any job 😛
      Yup!! I used to believe in Karma…Now I just step on it!

  • benni blanco says:

    What a mockery, you should be forced to live on the streets, DBag

  • God says:

    Chill. This is hilarious. I would totally by this shit.

  • Carl says:

    i cant stand the self pitying homeless, but this is really sick.

    ps God you forgot the word ‘walk’ in between ‘totally’ and ‘by’…

  • Christine Chung says:

    This is very ignorant invention. At first, I thought you were saying distributing to the homeless shelter but then when I saw the pictures later on. My gosh~~ What the hell….Is this some sort of sick joke?

  • Christine Chung says:

    Ok, I went to their website and We seems to have a bit of misunderstanding. These people are donating 40% of their profit to this organization called SZN. I guess its suppose to help the young homeless people of Netherlands. That changed my perspective on this product. But still,
    “Many thanks for your enthusiasm, effort and patience. Without you we still wouldn’t be sleeping under a cardboard box!!” Peggy & Erik” this comment doesn’t humor me at all.

  • Dude44 says:

    What a cool design! You’ll see these at your local college dorm rooms after X-Mas by the thousands!

    Its the perfect bed spread for those that like the used beat up look. Sure it may rag on the homeless much like baggy pants which has people’s as.. rear falling out, it will be the latest rage.

    Now where do I order?

  • Brian says:

    Homeless chic?! What a insult to the problems homeless people deal with everyday. Maybe it should be redesigned so it actually reflects the facts – make it fit someone who is 9 years old (the average age of a homeless person).

  • monkey face says:

    lmao, zoolander stlyes, all you homeless people can dier-licht my B*lls

  • Rye says:

    this is the coolest shit ever, i would totally rock this it is genius, and even if they didn’t donate any of the profits i would still buy it. keep up the good work…

  • Rick says:

    This art is certainly getting reaction. I’m sure that’s what the creator desires. I think it’s nice looking and innovative, but also a bit of a “downer.” It’s nice that the company is donating some of the proceeds.

  • Helpall says:

    I have one question for those that think this is a sick ignorant idea.

    What are you doing to help the homeless?

    “Proceeds from the sale of these duvet sets will aid homeless shelters around the globe…”

  • powers says:


  • powers says:

    AJ, you crack me up, dude.

  • Jack says:

    SHUT UP he is doing more than you just sitting there and posting crap and bashing! and I think its awesome!!!

  • Devin says:

    Incredibly bad-ass!

  • SIr says:

    This is genius, why anyone would ever think this is in any way meant to be at all like being homeless i dont know. i dont believe that was the reason for the design, i would definitely buy this. creative, unique, and interesting

  • claire says:

    omg this is random haha

  • Lucy says:

    Och that must hurt!!

  • Emily says:

    haha ur right LUCY

  • Anna says:

    OMG ur both right

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