This golf watch’s Mobius ring ceramic dial is a statement in understated luxury

Golf watches are plentiful in the market, and there needs to be a design evolution somewhere for people who value form over all other things. It is a watch with luxury at its core while maintaining the primary function – i.e., the most accurate GPS experience. Unfortunately, some manufacturers use stainless steel casing for gold watches and don’t inform about its one caveat. The material is not a favorable conductor of GPS signals which can lead to slightly inaccurate reading.

The VC-T7 golf watch by OFFOF co considers that fact with its ceramic dial. The material is lighter on this watch than stainless steel and results in the “accuracy and precision” of the GPS tracking. Minimal design is at the fore, as the industrial designers Hyunjin Park and Seohee Lee have not used the physical button like the pusher and only limited the timepiece to a single crown. This is done to prevent any accidental touches, especially with golfing sessions. The touchscreen dial of the watch takes up that function, as golfers can take pride in the watch’s clean aesthetics. The bezel of VC-T7 takes the form of a Mobius ring – thus symbolizing the pure essence of energy, movement, and unison. The two surfaces meet and cross at two points – as they intertwine in an elegant play of design. Since this is a voice caddy golf watch, it automatically calculates the slope compensated distance to the front, center, and back of the green – thus making the gameplay a bit easier for you.

Since golf is an outdoor sport, sweating is an eventual consequence. The timepiece also gets sporty fabric straps (easily detachable) in sea green and grey color options and the color matching matte black rubberized strap. This makes it easier to take the strap off and wash it easily when required. The designers emphasize the exclusive luxury design of the VC-T7 watch, and I also like the panache honed by the minimalism of the timepiece.

Designer: OFFOF co