This office chair’s 5° side to side tilt is designed to support your posture and body’s natural movement!

Ever since I was a kid, I’ve leaned back in almost every chair I sit in. If I have the room, I’ll tilt back until I hit that sweet spot and let the chair teeter back and forth. Some of us have fidget spinners and some of us lean our chairs all the way back. Designed specifically for those of us who share that same tendency, Seoul-based design firm 250 Design built the 5° Chair, an office chair that can rotate 360°, lean back and forward, and tilt from side to side.

Primarily designed for workers who spend most of their days sitting down in the office or at home, the 5° Chair features cushioning that forms to your body and posture to ensure comfortable sitting throughout the day. The chair’s seat plate cozies up to and hugs your hips for support from the bottom, with added cushion for comfort. Similarly, the backrest plate forms to the shape of your back to bolster your posture and encourage an upright spine. The 5° Chair’s legs are reinforced in the core with angled wave springs that can tilt in any direction, while the chair’s spindle can lean from side to side, 5 degrees from its center point. The rotatability of the 5° Chair allows it to adjust to your body’s natural movement, offering support from every angle.

Designed for people who work in small spaces, the 5° Chair does not feature wheels, compensating for the lack of wheels with a swivel and spindle that can be rotated and tilted in every direction. Embedded wave springs provide the chair with stationary mobility that offers support for your body’s natural ways of readjusting and moving throughout the workday.

Designer: 250 Design

The 5° Chair rotates in every direction and tilts from side to side, 5 degrees from the spindle’s center.

Without wheels, the 5° Chair makes up for that lack with plenty of integrated movement.

Cushioned seat plates hug your hips to support your base when sitting.

The 5° Chair’s height can also be adjusted with a conventional lever.

The backrest’s plate hugs your upper back for spine support.

With a gentle slope, the 5° Chair’s seat plate meets your body’s natural way of sitting.

Embedded alternating wave springs allow the chair to be rotated and tilted in any direction, predicting your body’s movement.

“It is the same as a normal chair when you sit and use it normally, but if you twist your back or change your posture, it will tilt at various angles according to that direction.”

Textured, tight-knit cushions give the chair a refined, minimal look.

“Both sides of the seat plate are made in a shape that holds the hips so that the movement can receive power naturally, so you can stably tilt it with force.”

“This chair is mainly for users who use the chair in a small space, and it is a chair that can receive various body movements when sitting than the mobility of the chair.”