Inspirational Living Rooms designed to act as your home’s centrepiece!

The first room you encounter when you enter a home is the living room! A living room essentially creates the first impression of your home, and hence it’s extremely important to give this space the due attention it deserves. Your living room should be a reflection of who you truly are, your personality, taste, and aesthetics. And we’ve curated this collection of beautifully designed living rooms to give you the inspiration you need to create the living room of your dreams. These living rooms embody the major home decor trends of today!

The living room of A Touch of Resplendency by Studio M6 features a high ceiling and a glorious view of the snowcapped mountains. Neutral tones of grey and maroon, along with wooden furniture add a calm and soothing aura to the space. The aesthetics are rustic but homely.

This stunning living room in The Roma House by @buro511 showcases a color palette of greys and browns that harmoniously complement one another. The intriguing bookshelf with a fireplace underneath it creates a warm and intimate space, where you can spend some precious quality time with your loved ones!

This cozy living room by Sondos Ahmed is fresh and full of colors! A pastel color theme, minimal wooden furniture and ceiling lamps draped in plants give the space an almost Japandi-like aesthetic.

Julia Skochemaro’s modern living room is a great example of clean lines and neutral colors. The living room is beautifully lit up with natural light coming in from the big windows on one side while the minimal white lamp adds a minimal touch, merging with the white background and provide lighting without grabbing much attention.

This Medittarean-style living room by Mohamed Elasar is a refreshing and uniquely designed space. Hues of off-white, brown, and beige create an organic space that instantly makes you feel at ease. The jute furniture and textured wooden flooring add interesting details to the living room!

While pastel colors are not the norm, Ira Lysiuk and Liza Nikulina’s living room design uses pale pink to add a breath of freshness to the room! The room boasts of a simple two-tone palette, shades of neutral white and grey with the pastel color repeating itself in the table and the accent wall while the modern fireplace adds warmth to the entire space.

I love this clean and beige-themed living room by Fatima Mohamed! The fireplace design is extremely unique and modern, adding a futuristic touch to an otherwise classically designed space. Rustic vases, bowls, and planters make for little warm additions to the room.

This ‘outdoor living room’ by INODEQ is unlike any living room I’ve ever seen before! It’s the perfect integration of the outdoors and the indoors, creating a living room you can relax in while enjoying the outdoors, regardless of weather conditions!

Designed by Georgios Tataridis, this contemporary living room features soothing tones of brown and beige. The layout has been designed to ensure that one can enjoy the view from the large floor-to-ceiling windows. A smart and remote-controlled fireplace provides warmth to the open and free-flowing space!

Olivia Miller’s living room is an example of using a warm color palette throughout the room without overwhelming the senses. This design also balances the old with the new – with the modern gold-brushed coffee table to the traditional-looking jute-woven chair and even the wicker basket that adds a lived-in comfort to the room.