These roller skates for knees might be the most pain-free hack to help finish your home DIY projects!

When working around the house, our knees can really take a beating. Whether we’re uncoiling a plumber’s snake down the shower drain or renovating our kitchen’s tiled floor, we’re usually on our knees to get it done, and by the third or fourth unsuccessful attempt at unclogging the drain, they’re tired. Knees pads help to an extent, but keeping a leveled hand placement above the drain or kitchen floor is key for a precise job. That’s why products like KneeBlades and knee creepers exist – they’re knee pads with wheels to get the job done without sacrificing our knees in the process.

KneeBlades are shaped like kneecap-sized turtle shells with attached wheeled dollies, transforming the knee pads into ones that help move your reach along with each home project. KneeBlades streamline home renovation projects like replacing floor tiles by maintaining your contact with the floor while allowing you to slide along as the project progresses. The dollies on KneeBlades can also be removed to use as regular knee pads. Then, for a more fixed design, knee creepers are shaped more like traditional rectangular dollies with knee-specific dips that are lined with silicone for a soft landing. Knee creepers also come with small sinks where tools and hardware accessories can be stored while getting the job done, setting them apart from KneeBlades.

While KneeBlades offer a more flexible range of motion than fixed-wheeled knee pads, for some they might have too free a range of motion, turning renovation projects into accidental acrobatic routines. The better of the different wheeled knee pads available really boils down to how your body moves. While the free range of motion from KneeBlades allows for a wider reach, your knees could go willy-nilly if you’re not careful enough. Then, the fixed nature of knee creepers allows for more precise work but might hinder the far reach KneeBlades allow.

Designer: Milescraft

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