This foldable fire pit stand brings the joy of space-saving design to outdoor camping and meals

Although summer is just around the corner in some parts of the world, enjoying a hot meal outdoors with family and friends can happen any time of the year. It doesn’t happen easily, of course, and sometimes the planning and preparation alone are enough to cause stress and make the activity seem less enjoyable. They say that some of the best things in life are simple, and bonfires don’t get simpler than this puzzle-like metal bonfire stand. Easy to carry around and easy to assemble, this simple yet fully functional bonfire stand will have you ready to get warm, grill food, and enjoy nature, whether alone or in the company of loved ones, in no time and with no fuss.

Designer: Hayano Kenko

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Whether you’re trying to stay warm on a cold night or cooking a hearty lunch, a bonfire is a staple and critical part of the outdoor camping experience. Of course, there are very modern and technology-centric methods to have heat and cook outdoors, but there’s still something to be said for food cooked or smoked over burning wood or charcoal. Unfortunately, traditional bonfires and fire pits are also difficult to use and carry around, making the overall experience less enjoyable, regardless of the end result.

FireBase solves this problem not by heaping more features and technological marvels but by distilling the design down to its most important parts. There are really only five metal parts to this bonfire stand, and they slot into each other like puzzle pieces so that you can stop fussing over the equipment and start concentrating on the most important parts: the fire and the food. Slot in the optional trivets, and you’ve got a stand for putting pots and pans on top as well.

The metal bonfire stand embraces a minimalist design where every part and cutout serves a purpose. In addition to the slots for inserting metal pieces like trivets and side plates, there are also holes in the middle that facilitate airflow. This assortment of shapes gives the bonfire stand a rather distinctive industrial aesthetic that perfectly fits its purpose. And when it’s time to pack up, it’s just as easy to disassemble the contraption for more convenient cleaning and carrying.

The FireBase bonfire stand is made from black steel plates using a prototype sheet metal technology that makes the parts less prone to warping and distortion due to heat. That said, it is still expected to see some discoloration over time, giving each bonfire stand a one-of-a-kind appearance that differs from owner to owner. Convenient to carry, easy to assemble, and simple to use, this puzzle-like metal bonfire stand removes your worries about setting up the campfire so that you can spend more time cooking and enjoying the great outdoors.

Click Here to Buy Now: $119