Unusually creative cabinet opens by tilting forward!

The Pivot rightfully uses gravity as a design feature! Instead of sliding drawers, a nifty little pivot joint at the base of this cabinet allows individual drawers to open by tilting forward. It’s clever, fun, and makes it easy to access your belongings without having to dig around! Just don’t expect it to be hyper-organized though!

Designer: Raw Edges Design Studio for Arco

The Pivot is an incredibly fun chest of drawers designed to be used independently or as a part of a desk. The pivoting mechanism is convenient and easy to use, allowing the drawer to slide open with little to no effort since gravity does most of the work. There are no sliding components, no bearings and railings, and nothing that would cause the drawers to get jammed, forcing you to yell “PIVOTTT”! (I couldn’t NOT make that joke)

Its simplicity extends beyond the cabinet’s unique pivoting detail. The cabinet comes with a wall-mounted design, and sports just two legs, sort of like an easel. It’s definitely interesting to look at and probably a lot of fun to interact with!