A Right Angled Mindset

Old people don’t have it easy. Fashion doesn’t really consider that demographic, which means objects for old people are usually strictly functional, and don’t focus on aesthetics. STIK is a walking stick that’s not just functional but slick in its design too. Meant for scenarios that transcend just walking, the handle detail is designed to act as a support in a much broader sense. And with its unique extruded design, it doesn’t bend under pressure!

Designer: Jake Naish


  • Marc says:

    Well, someone needs to do statics homework.

  • Lion says:

    You are slave of onde product
    And thé problem in this case si not money but freedom
    For the bats it is dangerous

  • Krek says:

    Yes, at first you need to go back to school! If put the stick in the right angle verticaly neer the wall is something not easy, the stability of the horizontal stick is approuved.

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