Cling – Table & Chair Built In by O-D-A Studio

The idea is to keep a chair with a table. We designed the detail that combines the both pieces well together. The function as you imagine. You can easily move the chair and table to any where as one piece.

Designer: O-D-A


  • Emerson says:

    There’s a hole in the damn table.

    So you detach the stool from the table, to write on the table. Only, the table has a hole in the middle, rendering putting books on the table useless.

    Also, the stool is too short to use in conjunction with the table.

    Moreover, when you put pressure on the stool I guess it just drops out from the table.

    What’s the point of this again?

  • Edgar says:

    Useless I think

  • zuy says:

    i t’s like an eco design? project by a Singaporian studio : a desk with a hole and a paper basket.. Edgar said useless but may be it’s a poor art design…

  • zuy says:

    it’s a thaï studio with an award by Jasper Morrisson … simple but sometimes near dutch Bey.
    see the portfolio some works are great…

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