This Klein bottle inspired car comes with bioluminescent microbes, showing the organic design trend is here to stay!

The future of design is more organic – fluid, inspired by biomimicry, and hopefully, more in sync with nature to undo the damages our previous design experimentations have been. Directing our attention towards a very different kind of automotive concept design is the Microbial Loop, the brainchild of designer Jianhui Zheng (a.k.a. Jeffry). The ultra-futuristic concept takes inspiration from the geometric formations we see in nature and is dominated by curved surfaces and contoured designs that aid in aerodynamic airflow for high-speed scuffles.

The USP of the Microbial Loop is the dynamic biological effect in a rhythmic motion created by the bioluminescent microbes. What are they? These are the same microbes that give us glowing beaches, delivering a dynamic interactive visual experience in this car. The idea is similar to the Volvo Haven concept, which has a green tunnel enclosure running right in the middle of the car and houses plants, algae, and moss!

The car’s core structure is inspired by the infinite space cycle of the Klein bottle for morphological evolution. In English, the Klein bottle is a mathematical concept like the Möbius strip (the same one Tony Stark uses to fix time travel!) It is a one-sided surface, which, if traveled upon, could be followed back to the point of origin while flipping the traveler upside down. This creates a hollow interconnected interior and exterior where the light-emitting microbes circulate and put forth a symphony of driving and space wrapping masterpiece. The two-seater autonomous coupe has a semi-transparent covered roof sans any windows – clearly not a space claustrophobic people would prefer. The whole section running from the front to the back opens up to access the internal cabin. The interior has a very minimal feel to it, focusing on the microbial movement lighting the vehicle in the dark of the night.

Jianhui chose MG Motors as the branding for this very future-forward ride, and the renders suggest it is as good on the water as it is on land. How it exudes the amphibious character is anybody’s guess. The recent increase in concepts that merge biology with the material world showcases a design trend that is more in tune with the world. We are moving beyond sustainability, and just like our love for indoor plants and gardening has exploded, the new trend is bringing living things into our everyday life to inspire awe and wonder!

Designer: Jianhui Zheng