Volvo Haven embraces an evergreen indoor garden for digital detox while travelling

The digital world has such a firm grip on our lives, we can’t imagine even a single day without at least one thing that is somehow unrelated to the digital realms. Be it entertainment while at home or commuting in our vehicles. Especially in the case of cars, manufacturers are making a swift move towards a connected environment, and future-forward interiors that are laden with technology. On the flip side, for people who crave minimalism and peace of mind, it can be a cliché – something that HS Pforzheim MA student Oscar Johansson wants to address with his Volvo Haven concept car penned in collaboration with the Volvo Design team as a part of his thesis project.

Oscar has taken a bold detour from the cult belief of stuffing modern-day cars with tech-savvy upgrades – virtually treading the opposing direction, taking us back to the ways of nature, and a private space where you can finally feel at peace after a grueling week. The futuristic AWD electric car is devoid of any fancy digital dashboard displays or screens to keep up with all the HUD details about the surroundings of the car. Volvo Haven has a UX tunnel enclosure right in the middle running the length of the car that houses plants, algae, and moss which grow naturally since there are opening at each end to let in the elements – rain, snow, pollen, frost, slush or dirt. The self-driving lounge car minus any steering input or the usual vehicular aids is all about relaxing as your travel for a much needed digital detox.

Most of the car has transparent body paneling, including the transparent gull-winged doors for an ultra-airy feel. Volvo Haven adopts an aerodynamic design on the outside highlighted by the sweeping lines, lending the vehicle a very charming personality overall. Those elements look somewhat similar to the Volvo concept car by Roman Zenin which also adopts a very airy element with a focus on the lounging experience. The fat wheel configuration makes us presume it is a performance concept ready for any thrilling skirmish after the relaxing ride for the most part of the journey. Overall, an intuitive concept car design that embodies the aspect of bringing nature inside while driving.

Designer: Oscar Johansson and Volvo Design