Meet the world’s first external SSD that uses fingerprint + face-recognition to protect your data

Your current SSD or hard drive is just about as secure as your Gmail ID without a password. Anyone can plug it in and rummage through your personal files without your permission… or worse, steal it and have your data forever. I don’t mean to sound like an alarmist, but I’m merely painting a picture of something that’s happened to my friends a bunch of times (one of them even lost all his college work forever, leaving him without a design portfolio). These aren’t unsolvable problems, to be honest. Cloud drives are much secure than external drives, although they are vulnerable to hacking because they’re always online… and not everyone can afford to pay those exorbitant monthly subscription fees.

We’ve featured external SSDs on this website before, but the Cléxi is something completely new. Perhaps one of the first SSDs to take encryption and security incredibly seriously, Cléxi uses a 2-factor authentication system to grant you access to the drive’s data. Once enabled, the security measures require two steps to let you access your files. First, you need to tap your phone on the Cléxi, which then sends a prompt to your phone to scan your face. Once the Cléxi knows it’s you accessing your files, it automatically unlocks for you, protecting your data from being accessed or copied by anyone… and that’s just the first step in Cléxi’s multi-pronged approach to protect your files.

The SSD comes along with a smartphone app that gives you access to a variety of features – the most important one being its Find My Cléxi, which sends you the location of your drive when someone steals it and tries to plug it into a computer. The drive automatically locks when it goes out of your smartphone’s range, and the app gives you the location of your Cléxi when someone else tries to plug it in to access your data. The app even allows you to manage access to your Cléxi (letting you share files with friends and family) and you can even send individual files to someone via their phone number or email, right through your smartphone.

Apart from being secure, the Cléxi is an incredibly compact SSD too. Small enough to fit in your pocket, it weighs a mere 18 grams (it’s 10 times lighter than your iPhone) and is about the size of a credit card. Its ridiculously compact design is durable too, with a shock-proof silicone bumper to protect your SSD against any accidental drops. On the hardware front, it comes with a storage capacity of anywhere from 128GB to 1 TB, and boasts a read-write speed of up to 400 MB/s thanks to its USB-C interface. As far as data security is concerned, the Cléxi comes with 256-Bit AES hardware encryption, and the fact that your data’s security is tied to your phone as well your face means data theft is practically impossible!

Designer: Cléxi

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Cléxi – Smart Secure SSD Drive

The Cléxi provides secure and quick access to your data as convenient as unlocking your smartphone. You can share your data in a trusted way with others and remotely manage your drive. Cléxi can store up to 1TB of data, with the high read and write speeds of 400MB/s.

Tap & Unlock

One of the most convenient and trusted ways of user-authentication is through smartphones. Open Cléxi as convenient as unlocking your smartphone. Plug & Play; No additional software is required.

Highly Secure

– 256-Bit AES hardware encryption
– Auto-Lock with proximity awareness
– Strong authentication based on public-key cryptography

Share Your Cléxi

The message-based sharing feature allows data sharing without losing control over confidentiality. Share your Cléxi easily with the trusted ones via a phone number or email address. Plus, how long data can be shared is under your control.

Find My Cléxi

You’ll be notified as soon as someone tries to use your drive. “Find My Cléxi” feature will let you know the exact location of your device.

High Speed Data Transfer

Fast and high-speed massive file transferring with the incredible speed of USB 3.1. Store up to 1 TB of data and enjoy the high read and write speeds of 400 MB/s.

Real Demo

A smart way to unlock: Authenticate yourself and unlock your drive.

Lock your drive fast and easy: Lock your drive with just a tap in the Cléxi app.

Auto-Lock with proximity awareness: Your drive automatically locks when you step away.

Access your Files On Any Device

Cléxi can be used on PC, Linux, Mac, Android & iOS, TV, Game consoles, and more.


Cléxi are protected in a silicone-wrapped crush-resistant case that is light and shockproof.

Click Here to Buy Now: 128 GB for $43 $70 (40% off). Hurry, only 56/100 left!