Gantri’s new 3D-printed lamps draw inspiration from architecture during the Art Deco movement

The Art Deco movement of the late 19th century helped create new relationships between architecture and geometry. In a time that was certainly considered flourishing, just before the world wars, Art Deco beautifully combined European sensibilities with Eastern and South-American exotic styles, while expressing itself through simple-yet-complex geometric forms and shapes… quite like Picasso’s Cubist art, but with arguably more attention to symmetry and composition. The Arintzea Collection from Muka Design Lab and Gantri pays a tribute to Art Deco’s influences within Basque architecture.

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Aptly named after the Basque word for “streamlined”, Arintzea showcases clean geometries and a nod to vintage illumination. Designed as both table and wall lamps, Arintzea is characterized by a mushroom-shaped lamp-diffuser resting slightly off-center from the lamp’s fluted body.

The inverted bowl-shaped diffuser combines antiquated design with Muka’s signature contemporary touch, and creates a sense of warmth when switched on, as the diffused light shines both upwards as well as on the lamp’s textured body, creating just that tiny hint of visual drama! The lamp’s slender body balances well on flat surfaces and can be wall-mounted too. Moreover, its narrow, almost book-ish width means Arintzea can even be wedged into your bookshelf, giving the term ‘light reading’ an absolutely new meaning!

Designed by the award-winning creative studio Muka Design Lab, Arintzea draws influences and references from its creators’ life in the Basque region of Northern Spain. The lamps are realized by Gantri, a California-based design-driven lighting company and a pioneer in 3D printed lighting design. The lamps are manufactured at Gantri’s factory in San Leandro, using their state-of-the-art 3D printing equipment and their custom blends of plant-based PLA filaments. The lamps come in carbon, forest, and sand – three wonderfully muted colors that complement interior spaces rather well, along with Arintzea’s art deco sensibilities, of course!

Designers: Muka Design Lab & Gantri

Click Here to Buy Now: $128 $148 ($20 off with exclusive coupon code “YANKO20”). Hurry, offer ends July 5, 11:59 pm PST.