Energy Consciousness

Do you know how much energy you use? Most of us don’t. Sure we have meters outside some where but those gauges only mean something to the trained city technicians that come by once a month. For the rest of us, we need something else that translates energy usage into laymen’s terms. Perhaps something like the Power Conscience.

It’s a simple device that gives you up to the minute stats on your energy usage and calculates your current electric bill. Designer Delroy Dennisur could have stopped right there but he decided to take it a step further and give you a purdy visual cue. The front panel is laden with LEDs forming a floral pattern. The more energy you use, the more light is emitted as if the florals are growing.

Personally I think the opposite should happen. The florals begin to recede the more energy you use. A visual reminder to conserve.

Designer: Delroy Dennisur


  • jason says:

    So where do you plug it in? It has to account for all your outlets being used right. Or do you have to plug everything you use into it?

  • Mark says:

    Eh? Does it display a Voltage?? Isn’t power consumption measured in Watt’s and Watthour?

    I don’t think its connected to a power outlet but somewhere to your main meter, that tracks the total usage at every moment.

  • Matteo says:

    about growing florals…they are not growing, they’re just turning brown, rottening.
    Maybe there’s a communication mistake somewhere if u misunderstood that, and that’s sure, but the concept of dying foliage is good. How the designer realized that it’s a little less running 🙂

  • Xof711 says:

    Awesome!! How much would it cost??

  • KC2IDF says:

    I see a design error. Why is it displaying a measure of volts? The voltage should always be within a certain tolerance, somewhere around 100, 120, 127 or 240 (depending on local) and it really shouldn’t deviate much from there. This 176.4V measure showing on the right-hand picture is what we call a “Bad Thing™”

    Now, maybe it means watts, or maybe it means Volt-Amps, or maybe it means Vars, or maybe it means something else entirely, but if it’s going to have a numerical measure on it, it’s got to be meaningful, or I am not buying it!

    • Michai says:

      Unless the house is completely off the grid, then the variable voltage would make sense. Especially if the homes electrical system is controlling the homes generator and capacitors.

  • Ruffles says:

    Too late! My house already has a device to measure my energy usage. It’s in a little box outside my garage. Mine is so accurate that my utility company comes around to check it and sends me a bill.

  • Implied Surprize says:

    Rather than have more flowers as you use more power, it would make more sense to have less flowers. And less trees. For our kids. And grandkids. Until all the world is a nothing but an empty husk of its former glory and we are all living in caves. Again.

  • Mikeysnipa says:

    nifty.. but i would just use it to see HOW much power i could really use.. kinda like a breathalysers to test Alcohol blood content… its more of a challenge then anything else…

  • Rob says:

    I would love to have this! That way it’s easy to point out to everyone else to shut off some lights.

  • Daniel says:

    Wow!! Very very functionally, I hope that’s electronic strument go in all our house!

  • Scilly Guy says:

    Yeah just what we need another electronic thing drawing power! Surely this is counter productive!

  • EMAN says:


  • Al says:

    So where can i get one of these, and how much are they ?

  • みぞよる says:

    I really like your writing style, great information, thanks for putting up : D.

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