Bottle Topping Biking Clipping

You know what I like? Things that can be made cheaply with just a little bit of space where the sponsor of the product can be printed or stuck. They’re perfect. They stay popular for a season or two, fade out, and meanwhile the designer has cashed in on a moment of brilliance. What we’ve got here is a bike clip for standard bottled drinks. It’s easy to clip on and off, simple to use in multiples. When used with booze, safety not guaranteed.

Just clip it on! The first question that should come to your mind is: “don’t they already have that – I have a bottle holder on my mountain bike right now, right?” Yes, truth. But this isn’t made for that. This clip is made to be retrofitted onto bikes, old and new, that people would rather not take the time to install a bottle holder onto.

If given the choice between this clip and taking the time to buy and install a bottle holder on their bike – you know they gonna be clippin.

P.S. Above I mention that I love small, easy to produce products. I do. But that does not mean I love waste. Ideally, this clip would be made of some material that would eventually bio-degrade. But who’s dreaming!

Designer: Matthias Ries

Bottle Clip by Matthias Ries 01

Bottle Clip by Matthias Ries 02

Bottle Clip by Matthias Ries 03