Micro Four Thirds Camera Brings Cinema Quality

Shift is a hybrid digital camera system for the ambitious filmmaker. Based on the Micro Four Thirds standard, it combines superior image quality with an intuitive operating concept. Individualized control functions and film effects can be integrated into the host and are triggered live. A sophisticated housing provides a swiveling touch screen and an ergonomic handle extension. For unusual perspectives, the control unit can be removed, and the camera operated wirelessly.

Designer: Daniel Spönemann


  • Sam says:

    Looks very much like a “Camera Futura” copycat http://bit.ly/jvKp72

  • Dave says:

    A camera will resemble other cameras, so yeah, there is bound to be SOME similarity between any two products sharing the same function set. That does not invalidate the design or work, but it does make it easy to say, “Hey, it looks kinds like ‘this’!” Ironically, this type of comment is getting entirely too predictable in itself.

    Example : I just bought a new car. I will assume that you find it derivative because it has four wheels and an engine. Those darn copycats at Porsche; they can never come up with something ORIGINAL.

  • Sam says:

    Shouldn’t have used “to look like” but “to be like” as the verb here, as it /is/ indeed very similar to the above mentioned concept in its functionality beyond what contemporary consumer cameras offer:
    – “Wireless viewfinder”? Check.
    – “Interchangeable lens”? Check.

  • McFeely Smackup says:

    @ Dave – Or you could say, “Dave’s comments are derivative of an elitist shitstain,” because.. well, that’s what they are.

  • dumbo says:

    who cares if it’s like anything. daz is like arial. kenko is like nescafe. nike is like rebok.
    it’s cool, and i want one, thats all i care about!

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