Is That Whiskey You Talking To?

The weirdest of things can inspire designers and this one really takes the cake. Either Juyoung Kim really loves his drink too much or he is simply trying to impress us with his imagination. Whiskey, yes whissskeyyy, the malt that makes men go woozy in the head when they tank up too much, is the inspiration behind the Whiskey Cyon Phone. Low on tech-specs (fully touchscreen, 8-mp cam) but high on looks, the device is almost like a chameleon!

You read it right; it may as well be a chameleon!
Let me explain, depending from where the incoming call is from, the phone changes its color to reflect that distance. Like if you were to get a call from NYC while in NYC, then the phone would sport a mild color. But if that call was coming in from our Japan office to you in NYC, then it would turn to a deep matured whiskey color, displaying how much we love you!
Distance makes the hearts grow fonder ya know!

Designer: Juyoung Kim