Weird and wonderful product designs that combine our love of fun visuals + strong design!

There are certain product designs, that bring the word ‘quirky’ to mind when you have a look at them! They’re unconventional, and so unlike the products we are used to coming across and using. But somehow, they manage to pack in a whole lot of functionality in their unique form. You can call these products weird yet wonderful! And, we’ve curated a collection of intriguingly weird yet wonderful product designs for you. From a synthesizer that features 25 singing dentures to a watch made from repurposed electronic waste, these eccentric product designs will leave you mesmerized!

Pizza! It is safe to say that this food is almost universal now. Crispy buttery crust, spiced and balanced sauce, and that molten cheese, there are few things on this planet that pizza can’t fix. So, it does make sense to have this slice readily available for anyone who’s having a bad day.

Meet the VOC-25, a rather weird little synth from our favorite mad scientist, Love Hultén. It sports a 25-key synth that’s directly hooked to a, well, display and control board that sports 25 plastic teeth that open to singing out the notes you play on the keyboard. Inspired by a musical instrument originally created by Simone Giertz, the VOC-25 takes things to quite another level, with controls that let you fine-tune the synthesizer’s sound. Four mod-knobs below the teeth allow you to tweak the sound, while a circular display works as an oscillator, showing you the waveform. The surrealist synth comes with an Axoloti Core microcontroller board on the inside, that’s hooked to a 25-key keyboard.

Toilet Brushes are the bane of an Instagram-worthy bathroom. We can’t live without them nor can we live with them mudding up our aesthetics! The Cacbrush is here to your rescue. Doubling up as a toilet brush, this clever little design hides the brush in plain sight without any accidental pricks to your business area.

Meet the Garbage Watch, a watch made by repurposing the electronic waste we throw out every year. Rapidly changing technology has given rise to a culture of disposable electronics – everything from phones to TV, gadgets are not designed to last long. This electronic waste contains many of the world’s precious metals like silver, platinum, copper, nickel, cobalt, aluminum, and zinc. You’ll find 7% of the world’s gold in e-waste! Vollebak changed their approach to the problem, they explained “So our Garbage Watch started with a very simple idea. What if garbage isn’t garbage? What if it’s simply pre-assembled raw materials that we can use to make new things.

Popping bubbles on bubble wrapping paper is a guilty pleasure of its own, something we’ve all indulged in at some point or the other. The Burst Your Bubble Belt Buckle™️ allows you to strap bubble wrap onto your belt using this special utility device. Feeling stressed at work, or just simply saturated with life? Keep bursting bubbles all day along with this buckle, relieving yourself of all your worries!

Here’s the Eyecam… a webcam that creepily stares right into your soul. In a world where tech spies on you (sometimes blatantly), the Eyecam adds a layer of realism to it. Designed by researcher Marc Teyssier, the Eyecam is more of a social project that aims at turning the humble camera into something more relatable – for better or for worse. The resulting device is eerily similar to an eye. Sure, it comes covered with faux flesh and has eyebrows and eyelashes, but the Eyecam doesn’t just look like an eye. It behaves like one too. The eyeball can independently pivot inside the eye socket, looking around the room. A facial recognition software runs in the background, allowing the Eyecam to detect humans and look them directly in the eye.

I’ll admit, the word ‘virus’ probably gives you a bit of anxiety. It definitely isn’t associated with any pleasant experiences, although designer Andrea Cingoli is trying to make the word virus sound less scary and more harmless. In an attempt to have us get over our fear of microorganisms, Cingoli’s furniture borrows from the very design of the virus. Meet Oleg, a series of multifunctional furniture with ‘spike proteins’ that allow them to be stacked in multiple ways! Oleg aims at rebuilding our association and relationship with viruses. Rather than associating its shape with something bad, Oleg showcases how the almost naval-mine-like furniture can be used and arranged in multiple ways.

Candles are mesmerizing when they are unusually shaped like these Twist candles. Pott plays with the flexibility of wax as a medium and reimagines the traditionally straight pillar candles in a way that doesn’t require an exclusive base. “In this project, we tried to combine both base and the candle in a single material shape. Resulting in one candle double ends candle. By bending and twisting candles a new typology appears combining form, function, and fun,” says Pott. The candles come in various colors and the most mesmerizing ones are those featuring bright ombré combinations. Twist is a modern and elegant upgrade to your side table or even your dining table if you are hosting a formal dinner – they look artistic lined up or by themselves.

The OldSpice Hat Hoverer 2000XL™️ lets your wavy locks shine while your sport your favorite cap, hovering a few inches above your head! The innovative vacuum suction machine comes with an easy-to-wear harness, allowing you to lug your hover machine with ease while your good hair day will go ahead with ease!

The “Emergency Aid” project by @neveritadesign aims to transform broken and unusable objects into creative products. The FlaminRose is a wine glass prosthesis inspired by the form of flamingos as they sleep.