Stunning Achromatic Studio

This modern studio is all about openness and transparency from one section to the next- so much so that anyone with privacy issues might find themselves feeling vulnerable. Corner to corner, the viewer’s perspective shifts from light to dark, inside to out. The minimal aesthetic is contrasted by dark grey tones and raw textures of concrete, wood, marble and steel. A single colorful object, designer Igor Sirotov’s signature rubber duck, is hiding somewhere – see if you can find it.

Designer: Igor Sirotov


  • Luis says:

    Where is the wardrove…
    and what about a fridge for cold drinks…
    it must be funny design a studio without getting care of the reality.

  • Quintin Smits says:

    Poor man… His only possessions are a rubber duck in the bookcase and a tea set he can only drink warm or cold water from? (no kitchen?)

  • blanvill says:

    01 – No kitchen => for pizza’s addict only?
    02 – No trash (for pizza garbage).
    03 – No washing machine for baby stuff.
    04 – Where is hidden the vacuum cleaner?
    05 – Wifi behind TV?
    06 – Must lock the door during bath.
    07 – One might see walkers while taking a bath.
    08 – Where put the towels to dry?
    09 – Toilets sound-proof 🙂
    10 – A nightmare for the tiler!

  • frank says:

    detail in 3d but lack of consideration.

  • Sam says:

    Love the black lamp. Where is it from?

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