Authentic, rare nixie tube watch is the most cyberpunk object you can wear on wrist

A symbol of an era that was relatively uncomplicated, Nixie tubes are a bit of a rarity now (the last set of nixies were produced in the 90s before being permanently suspended), but they’re indicative of a time period when tech products were hand-made, intricate yet consumer-friendly, and built to last… a heavy contrast when compared to today’s throwaway-tech-culture. The NIXOID VFD Watch debuted in 2018 as an homage to the Nixie tube. With its steampunkish design, the wristwatch came with a nixie-inspired dial that was designed to be the very antithesis of consumer tech, by celebrating something that isn’t mass-produced anymore. In 2021, the watch series is back with the NIXOID NEXT, a slimmer, more durable, and more efficient version of its first iteration fitted with incredibly rare Nixie VFD lamps that were produced and stowed away 25 years ago. Aside from housing this incredibly rare hardware, the NIXOID NEXT comes with better battery life, an accelerometer that lights up the VFD tubes when you tilt your wrist towards you, and a magnetic charging feature that lets you recharge your rare, retrofuturistic timepiece!

At the very center of the NIXOID NEXT is its crown jewel, the watch face with rare VFD (Vacuum Fluorescent Display) tubes that emit a warm orange glow as the numbers light up to tell you the time. These tubes were discovered sitting in a warehouse untouched since the days of the USSR (an Easter egg that makes it to the video above too), making the watch practically a historic limited-edition collectible. The numbers are encased in air-tight glass tubes with a vacuum inside them, and come with blue lights fitted on the base that gives it an incredible visual contrast. The NIXOID NEXT is also the world’s first dual-core watch, with one core dedicated to keeping the watch running, and another core for powering the watch’s built-in accelerometer. The integrated accelerometer allows the watch’s display to light up when it’s tilted towards you, helping conserve the VFD tubes’ lifespan (each tube has a lamp-life of 20 years). However, using the accelerometer does consume the watch’s battery. With the accelerometer running, the watch can run continuously for up to 10 days (while preserving the life of the VFD lamps); switch the accelerometer off and the watch’s battery life bumps up to a month. Charging the watch’s battery is rather simple too, thanks to contact points on the back that let you easily magnetically snap the NIXOID NEXT’s proprietary charger in place.

The NIXOID NEXT’s rare VFD lamps and hardware sit within a durable machined aluminum alloy case, capped off with a scratch-resistant sapphire crystal for clarity. The watch’s case measures 16.9mm in thickness, a pretty remarkable feat considering how bulky Nixie tubes can be. After all, these tubes are extremely fragile too and aren’t easy to come by, which warrants the extra protection. The NIXOID NEXT watches come in 4 colors, Deep Black, Polished Classic, Mars Red, and Military Green, with rubber straps to match. Each watch sports a knurled button at the 3 o’clock position for setting the time and additionally comes with an engraved back featuring a unique serial number and backer number… that’s aside from the fact that the timepiece also contains incredibly rare and limited Nixie tubes on the inside, quite literally making the watch one in a million!

Designer: Nixoid Lab

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NIXOID NEXT –  Next Generation VFD (Vacuum Fluorescent Display) Watch

The NIXOID NEXT is the world’s first dual-core nixie tube wristwatch. With one core dedicated to keeping the watch running, and another core for powering the watch’s built-in accelerometer.

NIXIE lamps have not been produced for over thirty years, and every year it becomes more difficult to find untouched lamps that can display the time. The team searched for a long time and found an untouched warehouse of lamps from the times of the USSR, and the project became possible.


The watch is made of durable weapon-grade aluminum alloy by milling from one piece of metal using high-precision CNC equipment. As a result, the watch is light and thin (16.9mm thick).

The top of the watch is covered with a sapphire crystal, with a hardness of 9H. The glass has a high hardness and can’t be scratched.

The magnetic connector on the back cover is convenient and gives magic in using the watch.

The Tilt Function

See the time by pressing a button or by gesture. The watch does not respond to accidental hand movements. All movements of the watch are processed by a separate core, to see the time you need to turn your wrist away from you, and then back, towards you. This gesture is programmed intentionally, and several times reduces false actuations, which has a good effect on the battery life.

– The autonomy of the watch with the accelerometer on is up to 10 days in everyday use
– The autonomy of the watch with the accelerometer turned off is up to 25-30 days in everyday use
– With the accelerometer disabled, the watch can be stored for up to two months in sleep mode

The watch comes with a specially milled keychain with laser engraving to enable or disable the tilt function. You can attach it to your keys, and it will always be with you.

Click Here to Buy Now: $240. Hurry, free shipping! Raised over $100,000.