Addicted to Information

What will the future of information technology look like? Sound like? Behave like? Designer Lukas Franciszkeiwicz envisions a minimal, shape sorter, toy-like instrument adapted for the social networking revolution that also makes a profound statement about our modern addiction to digital interaction & how computers already dictate our decisions. Fusing mind & machine, Beta is one glimpse into how our future relationships might be with such technological concepts that may be able to predict our responses.

Beta reduces the interaction between human & machine to the three basic needs: consumption of content, communication, and processing data. Technical reflection is substituted by physical intuition.

Designer: Lukas Franciszkiewicz

beta from Lukas Franciszkiewicz on Vimeo.


  • GlennKitch says:

    I dont know if i’ve missed something with this, but i think its stupid? no offence, but i just dont get it.

  • jaroslaw ciupinski says:

    It’s not even a design. Just short movie with quite nice sound. Well, at least I hope it isn’t a design, because otherwise it is useless.

  • Brennan says:

    So… the cube reads your mind to update Facebook for you?

    This isn’t even design. Art at best, and even then, pretty weak.

    Disappointing, Yanko, disappointing.

  • Lucas Mattos says:

    I think i didn’t understand how that works. If that actualy works.
    But i love the sounds.

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