This modular terrace system transforms your balcony into a multifunctional living space!

Modular garden systems are ideal for small city apartments. Big or small, modular designs allow us to dismantle and augment our gardens according to the size of the garden our living spaces allow. Recently, with home gardening surging in popularity due to the pandemic, we’ve seen some pretty original indoor and outdoor garden systems. Adding their modular terrace garden system to the mix, Unopiù recently debuted Urbn Balcony.

Designed to interpret city living through a new lens, Urbn Balcony enacts a modular installment system to make the most out of small outdoor spaces. While Urbn Balcony is not strictly a garden system, the terrace unit configures wooden ladders, aluminum shelves, and steel clotheslines (among other components) together that can transform drab terraces into lively outdoor gardens and housework spaces. The multifunctional appeal of Urbn Balcony was recognized by German Design Awards for its sophisticated appearance and overall optimization of outdoor terrace spaces. The wooden ladders assume a refined look through their iroko wood construction, a type of wood especially used for outdoor spaces due to its dense and durable quality.

The components of Urbn Balcony include flower boxes, pots, cupboards, shelves, worktops, clotheslines, screens, and shades, in addition to the system’s wide array of wooden ladders that come in varying widths and heights. Each accessory and wooden ladder can be configured either against walls or mounted on ceilings, from where users can fill the space with blooming gardens, attach clotheslines with laundry, or even outfit the shelves and drawers with books and other typically ‘indoor’ products to transform the terrace into a multifunctional outdoor living and reading space.

Designer: Unopiù

Iroko wood constructs the wooden ladders of Urbn Balcony for a dense and durable build designed for outdoor conditions.

Shelf and drawer accessories outfit Urbn Balcony’s iroko ladders with spaces that users can stock with potted plants and greenery.

Modular by design, Urbn Balcony’s components can be tightly configured to present a seamless display.

The accessories that come with Urbn Balcony turn terraces into multifunctional outdoor living spaces.

Gardens can bloom from Urbn Balcony’s iroko ladders to transform drab balconies into lush green alcoves.

The drawers and shelves can be outfitted with accessories that help turn users’ previous terraces into versatile living spaces.