Bespoke Audio

The ECKO SS5.1SL1 (Surround Sound 5.1 Special Leather v1) combines traditional luxury materials with modern styling for a premium system that’s at the top of the line in both aesthetic and audio quality. The custom series can be crafted in a variety of leather/stitch color combinations and component finishes to fit seamlessly into the user’s intended space.

Designer: Luke Anthony Firth


  • Please read the definition of bespoke. This is more like the ‘design you own car’-type stuff where you get the pick the color, the rims and the material for the interior…

    I do like the look of the speaker set, but they would have to sound really impressive in order for me to consider any speaker set.

    Sub+sattelite speaker sets usually don’t, in my opinion…

  • Donovan Minese says:

    I read somewhere that as its made to order this could possibly come with a range of technical specs too which would bring it more in line with the idea of a ‘bespoke’ system.

    This set looks really good, i’ve not seen much thats gone this route in terms of aesthetics – I wonder if its all in house or is the leather / component finishing done later by a third party?

    I’ve always found 5.1 systems like this to be more of a ‘home theater’ setup myself, little satellite speakers often don’t have enough umph for my music tastes, but I’d imagine the setup listed would comfortably be enough for most.

  • Then you’d be better of going to any of the existing custom-speaker builders. Would give you true bespoke speakers.

    Not another 3D drawing by a designer (any qualifications in audio/speaker development?) without even the obligatory random specifications thrown in…

  • Aleksandra says:

    This is really beautiful, congrats!:)
    I am just starting my adventure with product design, could you please advise what do you use to design and render? Solid Works, 3dmax?


  • Hi everyone, I’m Luke and this is my project.

    Firstly thank you all for the feedback with this.

    This is a project that I am currently undertaking in order to first provide myself with a set superior in aesthetics at to my current set, but after this if all goes well and depending on interest, I may be creating more to order.

    These images were produced as part of the design stage of the project, photos will be following shortly on my website when I’ve got my own photo ready. As for specifications, they are listed on the second image on this page and not that random – they are the actual specifications of my set.

    I appreciate your comments and agree any system has to sound really impressive to me too and for most people their best bet would be to go with a well established and funded existing custom speaker builders.

    For these images I used Solidworks to create the model before importing into Keyshot to render. Hope this helps you ๐Ÿ™‚

    Kindest Regards,

    Luke Anthony Firth

  • Quintin Smits says:

    Cool ๐Ÿ™‚

    I hope it works out.

    I am curious to know how a ‘proper’ set of satellite speakers sounds, compared to a set of larger speakers, my preconceptions might be based on experiences with cheaper/lesser quality speaker sets…

    Are you going to build them yourself entirely? I’m planning a speaker build, too (in a couple of years, my list of projects is too long). I’m hoping to construct something like the B&W Nautilus..

  • Quintin Smits says:

    Also, what drivers/speakers are you planning to use? I couldn’t find that in your website..

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