This folding karambit comes with multitools built right into its blade, making it a versatile EDC

I’ll be honest, looking at a knife’s blade and thinking “I wonder what else we could put in there” is a uniquely brilliant thought. Meet the FX-800 MK, a folding karambit knife designed by Doug Marcaida for Fox Knives. Unlike traditional knives with sharp blades, the FX-800 MK’s blade is both sharp AND versatile. It comes with its own 3-size hex-tool, seatbelt-cutter, a flathead screwdriver, and a Phillips head screwdriver built into the blade’s real estate, making it much more functional than a cutting tool. The blade folds into the karambit’s handle, which comes with a carbide glass-smasher, along with a pocket-clip and a carabiner clip. This propels the knife into a multitool category and allows it to have all these features coexist within its slim, knife-like design without any compromise…

Karambits are usually small curved knives that have their roots in Indonesian culture as farming and self-defense weapons. The FX-800 MK is a karambit in its most literal sense, as in it comes with a small curved blade, but the way the blade’s designed makes the FX-800 MK different from most traditional and modern-day karambits. The FX-800 MK is more of a multitool than a knife. The curved blade works incredibly well in certain scenarios but it isn’t meant for traditional cutting, chopping, and slicing tasks. The blade’s tight parabolic curve is perfect for hooking onto things and cutting them, like twigs and branches, paracords, and seatbelts. Purpose-built for safety (as well as utility), the blade can be used to cut out of a seatbelt, while the carbide tip on the handle can smash through a car’s toughened glass, making the FX-800 MK incredibly useful in emergency situations and rescue missions.

As far as the FX-800 MK’s utility features go, the 3-size hex tool, flathead screwdriver, and Phillips head screwdriver are ideal for basic tinkering and repairing. The knife’s ergonomic handle makes it easy to maneuver, and the Phillips head’s position is just perfect for being able to apply more torque while you tighten or loosen screws. That curved blade could jolly well open some boxes too.

The folding knife measures 4.87-inches when closed, and opens up to measure 7.25 inches in length. Its 2.25-inch blade comes fabricated from N690 Co Stainless Steel, with a Ceracote Matte Black Finish, while the handle is made from G10, a robust composite material that’s used in premium knife handles. The FX-800 MK is manufactured in Maniago, Italy, at the Fox Knives headquarters.

Designer: Doug Marcaida for Fox Knives