This slim wall cabinet opens into a sleek, modern, functional workspace!

As a child, every time I opened a wall cabinet or wardrobe I expected to find an entry to Narnia. As an adult who is working from home for over a year, I expect to open a wall cabinet or wardrobe and find a home office. Turns out dreams do come true because Nils Holger Moorman has designed ‘der Vorstand’ – a slim wall cabinet that hides a functional home office!

The black slender cabinet opens into a multifunctional work setup that creates a space for productivity while respecting your interior layout. The minimal structure features a back wall on wheels that rolls out with a simple pull and just like a pop-up book you get a work desk that comes with integrated bookshelves and a top light. The convenient workstation maximizes your floor space and minimizes distractions. The fold-out ceiling creates a sense of a private cabin with essentials. The back wall is mounted on wheels for effortless movement with a magnetic exterior. Every element has its designated place which is a Moorman design principle – from pens to the books, even electronic devices can be charged with hidden cables which helps maintain a clean visual aesthetic. You can also add a curtain to the side and the ceiling light can be adjusted to suit your needs.

Fun fact: ‘der Vorstand was initially made to be submitted to a design competition and now the winning model become a popular (and much needed!) independent room-in-room solution. Surfaces and materials are reduced to the basics – solid ash wood and light beige linoleum are used where hands and eyes rest/work in concentration; while black surfaces and quiet restraint are used where nothing should be distracting. Every detail is thoughtfully designed for storing, cabling, and locking the fold-out mechanism that stands for integrity and performance.

“We are in search of furniture creations based on a special idea. Sometimes absurd, sometimes brilliant, sometimes a detail, sometimes a revolution. Typically a minimalist formal language with a high level of experience – but always with a subtle twinkle in the eye,” says the Moorman team. Think of ‘der Vorstand’ as a sleek convertible meets a minimal office pod to give you the best of functionality in an elegant form.

Designer: Nils Holger Moorman