The hyper-ergonomic stylus

The Scriba is a stylus so curvaceous, that it would make Luigi Colani proud. Its exaggerated design isn’t just a visual trademark, it’s also touted as one of the most comfortable styluses (stylii?) out there for people to make the smoothest transition from pen and paper, to digital drawing.

Made as a response to all other styluses that designer David Craig said felt like drumsticks, the Scriba looks and feels like no other. Its design is the kind your hand would love to grip, while it also ensures you have complete control as you sketch or write on your touchscreen with the rubber tip. The hollow silhouette of the Scriba comes with reason. The pen can literally be squeezed/triggered allowing you to assign a function to it. Artists can use the squeeze function to help increase brush line weight/thickness, while others can assign more traditional functions to it to allow you to skip slides in a presentations, or even get creative and use it as a remote trigger for the shutter on your camera. The Scriba provides a vastly better experience too by featuring tactile feedback, delivering discreet alerts and confirmations of your on-screen actions as gentle vibrations under your fingertips. This attention to detail helps Scriba be a stylus truly designed to be a better and more evolved iteration of its predecessor, the un-innovative drumstick stylus.

Armed with hundreds of hours of battery life and instant pairing, the Scriba is sure to change your perception/experience of and your expectations from the stylus as you know it.

Designer: David Craig