Honda Motocompo XL bike is a sleek café racer evolved from the cult favorite folding scooter

Honda Motocompo reviewed into a more modern café racer avatar is what urban motorbike enthusiasts would drool over thanks to the Motocompo XL bike concept.

Remember the cult favorite Honda Motocompo scooter from the early 1980s? The two-wheeler that could fit in the boot of a car? The box-shaped rectangular plastic body with handlebars, seat and foot-pegs folded perfectly into the frame for a clean look. After selling fifty-three thousand-odd units, Honda discontinued the compact scooter in 1983, but couldn’t wash away its memory with concept vehicles like the 2001 e-Dax, e-NSR and the 2011 Motor Compo electric scooter.

So, what would a Motocompo on steroids and muscle be like? Shedding away its sweet character for a hotter version of itself – undeniable metamorphosis and rising like a phoenix from the ashes of time. This metaphoric vision is soulfully represented in the Honda Motocompo XL bike mustered up by 3D artist Allan Williams. It inherits the DNA of the original Motocompo scooter in more ways than not – the boxy shape being one. Just imagine it being an XL version of the compact scooter – loaded with the mean machine racing character, the Motocompo XL is a cafe racer right out of the pop culture handbook.

The bike is an evolution from a two-wheeled scooter to a fully mature motorcycle, ready to take its rider on one hell of a ride. The electric motor of the two-wheeler resides inside the frame under the riding position and those headlights look meaner than ever. Allan chooses urban chick colors as the skin for the bike – the yellow paint job with red logos and text giving off that Kodak color scheme vibe. Would I want to ride the Motocompo XL if it met fruition someday? Absolutely yes, who won’t want to experience the nostalgic yet modern feel of driving this beautiful monster.

Designer: Allan Williams