This panoramic windowed teardrop camper brings in tranquil views for nomadic adventurers

Camper trailers aim to get nature lovers closer to their eternal happiness by interacting with nature in its primary form. Recent motorhomescampervans, and even horse trailers have evolved from a simple carriage to an aesthetic and functional powerhouse. Teardrop trailers also edge towards that trend, but the Panorama Shelter by Kip Caravans takes things even further. The purpose-built trailer for nature-obsessed nomads has big panoramic windows on each side to bask in the grandeur of natural settings – to wherever the road takes you. The design is a concept prototype stage –developed by Kip in close quarters with the designer Karel Bodegom, the Netherlands Bureau for Tourism and Conventions (NBTC), and a number of Dutch suppliers.

The large windows of Panorama Shelter blur the divide between the cozy inside and the tranquil outside. Windows make up the chunk of the sidewalls, a skylight brings in ample sunlight during the noon, the big front door is majorly glass, and the side facing the vehicle too has a huge panoramic window. For times when you need total privacy, there are integrated blackout and roller screens. The pop-up roof can be pushed up a little to let in ambient sounds. The teardrop comes with a flexible kitchen for indoor and outdoor cooking and a sink faucet that also functions as an outdoor shower. An induction cooktop too draws power from an onboard 240-V power outlet and a mini-fridge to store all the eatables. The stow-away portable toilet suffices the daily needs for an extended trip.

This camper is built for two people’s adventurous life on the road. It has a dual-bench front dinette that doubles as a bed and can be folded up to create space for hauling bicycles when needed. Additionally, the teardrop camper makes good use of available space in the form of little storage compartments. To top it all, Panorama Shelter’s awning expands the usable living space – plus it is very easy to set up or remove.

Designer: Kip Caravans