This flat pack folding fan solves your winter storage and summer heat woes!

Summertime is here. In fact, going by the raging heatwaves in the northern USA and Canada, this year is set to shatter all temperature records. Living in such sweltering heat, and as someone who starts sneezing after spending an hour in Air Conditioning, a fan is my go-to support system! But what do we do when the summers are over? That is the solution Jinsu Du and Kitae have created for us.

Meet the folding fan, a portable fan that can be folded and stored when not in use. The wireless aspect of the design is a big win in my favor – I hate carrying cables or have them dangling around my space. In fact, the portability of the design makes it perfect for carrying it outside the home, even for camping. The designers paid special attention to the foldability of the design – right from the fans stand to the fan head, you can adjust the fan as you need. This means that, for once, you won’t be adjusting yourself to the fan, the fan will follow you. The designers explain, “We had to contemplate a new type of design in order to effectively capture the structure. The shape, which is largely composed of three parts, has a simple and unique feel. The total color was designed in three colors, but initially white and yellow were released first.”

Sony’s Reon 2 created waves given its personal nature – which kind of makes and is sure to resolve all the thermostat fights. This folding fan is a personal must-have so I can stay as cool as I need to be without suffering from either frozen fingers or overzealous sweating. All the cooling comfort I need without any remote control tussles, this appliance is truly a summer essential!

Designer: Jinsu Du, Jimmy Sungho Park, and Sujin Kim for BOUD