This pocket clip LED mini light attaches to any EDC, be it a knife, a multi-tool or a wristwatch!

EDC is all about making everyday hassles a tad easier and convenient – who doesn’t wish for a smooth transition of life events – big or small. Having the right tool at the right time has its merits, and can bail you out of even the toughest of situations. The MecArmy CPL3 is your EDC’s best match met in heaven, adding useful utility to the already purposeful3 screw pocket knifemulti-tool, or your wristwatch. The accessory clips onto your everyday carry bringing the compact flashlight function without any added baggage or hassle.

IPX6 rated CPL3 LED mini-light is the simplest yet most useful tool made out of TC4 Titanium using CNC precision machining technique. The mini LED light is capable of lighting up anything at a distance of 31 meters and has a maximum output of 300 lumens. The LED comes in five different modes – the 4-lumen Low being the most economically lasting for up to 7 hours on one full charge. The accessory weighs a mere ounce – making it a perfect fit for all your adventures or unpredictable everyday needs. The 55mAh lithium polymer battery charges in an hours’ time via a USB-C port, all set for your life’s tasks.

You can use it as a standalone EDC or screw it on in a jiffy to your pocket knife EDC or multitool if needed. This versatility makes the MecArmy CPL3 attachable mini-light useful for a number of scenarios. After all, you’ve got to be ready for whatever life throws at you!

Designer: MecArmy

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