Smart Indoor Gardens that make gardening easily and accessible with their automated tech!

I’ve often heard that Gardening is quite therapeutic. Although I am no expert at it, the few times that I have indulged in gardening, I’ve found it to be extremely soothing and calming. Growing, tending to, and being surrounded by plants is intensely satisfying, all your worries slowly fade away, and you are simply enthralled by nature. However, not everyone has access to outdoor gardens, especially with the pandemic locking up most of us in our homes. Indoor gardening is a modern solution that works perfectly in our modern homes. And smart indoor gardening systems backed up by automated technology are a great option to grow plants within our homes, with some techy help! These nifty systems fit perfectly in our homes and are usually app-powered, so you can control almost everything from your phone. And we’ve curated some of our favorite smart indoor gardens for you. Go green!

OGarden is the indoor gardening system that makes growing fruit and veg a breeze! By bringing the produce into the home, you are no longer reliant on the weather, therefore having greater control of the entire process. An incredible 90 plants can be grown simultaneously, with 60 plants flourishing within the wheel, and a further 30 seedlings growing in the cabinet below! OGarden features a rather unique watering system that controls the plant’s water intake; the rotating wheel gives each plant the optimum amount of time to take in the water, allowing them to thrive, whilst a secondary reservoir that’s coupled with a pump provides the developing seedlings with water.

This design lets you have access to fresh greenery 365 days a year without sacrificing any counter space or causing a mess. It is compact and works wonderfully for small urban apartments or big suburban houses. What makes this herb garden unique its compactness because it makes it invisible in your kitchen space. Simply named Home Garden, this nifty design is basically a herb drawer that is built into the kitchen. It comes with an integrated smart system that monitors the moisture and temperature of plants, as well as their freshness and readiness for use. It is 2021, so of course, all of this can be adjusted directly from your phone.

Elif Bulut created Loop, a smart plant pot that takes care of your greenery while you’re away. Loop is a smart planting system that feeds and tends to your plants while you’re away through an automated irrigation system. The agriculture system is shaped like a plume, flowering from the top and the bottom, keeping the seed modules in a radial row to form a skirt. Each seed module is detachable and securely locks onto one another through junction sockets, forming a link. Along the underbridge of the system’s lid, LEDs disperse light over the plants, adjusting their levels according to the time of day.

The automatic gardening device, Gardyn uses hydroponic technology and app-powered maintenance to grow an assortment of seeds handpicked by each user. The thirty chosen cubes stocked with seeds easily slide into the slots that dot Gardyn’s frame and sprouts appear within only a few days through app-integrated maintenance. An accompanying app called Kelby essentially tracks the health status of the plants that fill out Gardyn, including water and humidity levels, temperature, as well as LED light dispersion. Through two high-resolution cameras, Kelby analyzes each plant’s development and adjusts the system’s parameters to optimize plant growth. In only four to five weeks, users can dig into their first harvest.

LG introduced its first indoor gardening appliance! It is a built-in column-style indoor garden featuring LED lights, water management and control, and forced air circulation to help consumers grow and cultivate greens all year round! The gardening system replicates the perfect outdoor conditions ensuring the growth of nutrient-rich plants. It’s an automated gardening solution that really doesn’t need your help much at all!

CitySens is a vertical garden that is specially tailored for such a restricted space home, which helps its inhabitants enjoy greenery indoors without any hassle. The design is an easy to assemble contraption, comprising a base, pot modules, and a handful of frame pieces that can be assembled in a range of options to configure a vertical garden with shelves to any individual/family need or available space. The plants in the CitySens thrive on a closed, circulating irrigation system that reportedly saves up to 50-percent water and mineral salts compared to traditional irrigation systems. Interestingly, this planting system does a nifty little bit more – it can sync with a smartphone for regular updates of plant health and cares for the growing plants in your absence for over a month.

Grobo Premium is an indoor garden system that utilizes smart technology and hydroponics to harvest vegetables and herbs inside the comfort of your own home. Since Grobo Premium is a smart garden system, the weight of having to learn about horticulture is lifted from the user’s shoulders. All that’s required for plant cultivation with Grobo is planting the initial seed and filling/draining the water as the days go by. Since hydroponics generally takes a more hands-free approach to gardening, the makers behind Grobo Premium chose it for their smart indoor garden system.

The Modern Sprout Smart Standard Plant Growframe is a great solution to grow plants indoors without actually having a garden! The smart frame aids plants in their growth using a natural 4000 K white light backed up by LEDs with a long lifespan. You can customize the settings via an app, to suit the type of plants you are growing. Growframe can support the growth of various plant species, including herbs and leafy greens!

The Rotofarm by Bace is a countertop hydroponic garden featuring a 1.5-metre vegetable patch, wherein plants are rotated to help them grow more quickly. The Rotofarm works without soil, using nutrients and water reservoirs to help feed the plants. Rotofarm is a prime example of rotary farming as a sustainable source of fresh veggies!

Altifarm’s new product Herbstation is on a mission is to give you the convenience of fresh produce right in your home! This decorative, autonomous-watering home farm can be placed anywhere in your house. Its intuitive system design allows the plant to grow without you getting yourself tied-in, and gives you the satisfaction of having the freshest produce available to you, right in your home! Herbstation comes with a patent-pending self-watering system and a two-part grow tub design, crafted out of high-density polyethylene, with a form that’s inspired by the symmetry of pottery and with textures of ceramic and wood.