Playfully designed home cleaning equipment could make chores much more entertaining!

Meet Dustache, a dustpan with a quirky Pringles-ish avatar that hopes to bring a fun, storytelling element to the act of cleaning. A portmanteau of Dust + Mustache, this dustpan and broom by Peleg Design is your personal clean-up crew that can take care of any dry-waste mess around your house. The dustpan forms Dustache’s face, while the broom is styled to look like a nose and nice thick pair of man-whiskers. Whenever you come across some dirt or dust, or you accidentally spill some food over, just grab ahold of Mr Dustache and his brush and pan are always ready for duty… and don’t worry, he doesn’t mind getting crumbs in his moustache- that’s his job after all!

Designers: Dar Stern + Peleg Design Studio

What Dustache does so wonderfully is it bring a quirky and fun appeal to an otherwise mundane task. It’s something the folks at Peleg have managed to do really well with their products. Dustache’s fun personality and oddly cartoonish design make cleaning up much more fun. It’s almost as if you’ve got yourself a clean-up buddy as you conveniently feed crumbs into Dustache’s non-existent mouth using his rather furry (and detachable) upper lip!

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