Eva Solo 2007 Spring/Summer Collection by Henrik Holbaek & Claus Jensen

Design brand Eva Solo just introduced their 2007 Spring/Summer Collection. Bird Box that has changeable entrance hole to match different sized birds, Oil Lamp to supplement your outdoor furniture and Fridge Carafe designed in a simple, classic milk bottle shape to fit neatly into the fridge door. The collection will be available in stores from May 2007.

Bird Box – The bird box is made of white-glazed terracotta and black plastic, which protects the little home from wind, rain and reflects heat. Designed with changeable entrance holes making it possible for you to choose which bird species you want making itself at home. This stylish home has also been fitted with an internal ladder so chicks that are ready to leave the nest can safely make their way from the bottom of the nest and out into the open.

Oil Lamp – Features a practical, everlasting wick and is and is made of white porcelain with a polished stainless top. The top can be easily unscrewed when the lamp needs to be refilled with oil. The lamp is ideal for creating the right atmosphere in the garden or for welcoming guests at your front door.

Fridge Carafe – The mouth of the carafe is large enough for ice cubes and sliced lemon and features a flip-top lid that opens automatically when you pour. This means that you avoid the fridge aftertaste or ice cubes splashing down into the tumbler.

Designer: Henrik Holbaek & Claus Jensen