Bluebonnet straps a classy leather portfolio to the back of your MacBook

Now that Apple’s completely ditched the light-up logo on their MacBooks, there’s a lot more you can do to jazz up the back of the laptop screen. You can add stickers, lego pieces, or you could completely reinvent your laptop/workspace with what Bluebonnet has to offer. A leather housing for your MacBook, Bluebonnet isn’t just a protective cover, but also a portfolio case and a kickstand!

Along with protecting your laptop from accidental bumps and scuffs, Bluebonnet also gives you a neat place to store your planner/notebook/papers and a pen of your choice, freeing your hands up while giving you everything you’d need to carry to a meeting, conference, or a coffee shop, all in one svelte sleeve. The leather construction undeniably gives the MacBook a stylish, professional upgrade, and comes available in multiple colors. The Bluebonnet even features a cutout at the base that gives your laptop an impromptu kickstand, tilting it higher for better viewing/cooling.

With a magnetic clasp to secure your MacBook just the way you would a large portfolio folder, the Bluebonnet carries the aspects of the portfolio case that people know and love to the laptop case. In many ways, it totally transforms the perception of the laptop, and of the person carrying it too! Definitely classier than a crummy neoprene laptop sleeve and a run-of-the-mill woven nylon or Cordura backpack.

Designer: Farhad Rizvi (Bluebonnet)