A Front load washing machine with a sliding drum is the ergonomic home appliance we need!

I hate doing laundry, and I am literally waiting for a day they invent the washing machine that can spit out my clothes washed, dried, ironed, and folded. If I can continue dreaming, it would be fantastic if the clothes are also stored in my closet without me interacting with them at all. Leaving my Jetson’s inspired dream aside, Kyeongsu Kim has designed VISDUM to take one step in the direction of making this home appliance more ergonomic.

Front-load washing machines are often touted as the better/more expensive version of the washing machine family. The reason for that is the part gravity plays in washing the clothes when they rotate vertically. Ergonomically speaking, the front load washing machines reduce the stress on the user’s waist and knees. But what about the constant bending for more than 30 degrees to deal with our clothes every time? Not talking to you bachelors who do laundry once a week, but look at the average family or older people who use the machine at least once a day. Kyeongsu’s design merges the best of both worlds – it allows the effectiveness of a front load washing machine work with a top opening to access your laundry. VISDUM uses a sliding drum that comes forward or is exposed and can be accessed by a handle. To seal the machine, a cap is installed inside the drum. Kyeongsu has also created an improved interface – using minimal icons to provide improved controls for the user.

VISDUM is one of those designs that are so simple yet effective in their problem solving; we wonder why no one thought of that earlier? In an era where we have designed every aspect of these appliances we are using for decades, VISDUM takes product design to the core of what it is – problem-solving. Making an appliance SMART is not the upgrade everyone needs, but making it more ergonomic? We are all on board with that!

Designer: Kyeongsu Kim and Designer Dot