Your Macbook’s Superb Sound Sidekick

Whenever someone says “You know what this song needs…”, the answer is almost always “Some more bass” (Or Cowbell, depending on whether you’re an SNL fan). It’s true though, like I said the last time, humans love them some bass. So why would you settle for your laptop’s tinny in-built speakers?

You see, Macbooks are built with rather advanced sound cards. Almost every music producer you find uses a Macbook for production. It’s a great machine. But it’s also a great machine backed by speakers that don’t do it justice. Thin laptops mean thin speaker modules, which usually result in thin-sounding audio. The Bassjump 2, however, is a clever little accessory. Instead of replacing the speakers on your laptop, it empowers them. Designed as a portable subwoofer, the Bassjump 2 adds low-end to your laptop speakers, making them sound fuller.

Now your immediate question is “Why not just use external speakers?” and to that I say, because an external speaker the same size as the Bassjump 2 would have to fit in a subwoofer, as well as tweeters (that generate the mids and the highs of the audio) so as to replace your laptop audio completely. The Bassjump 2 is nothing but pure subwoofer power, designed solely to play alongside your laptop’s inbuilt speakers, to the Macbook’s strengths. Calibrated to perfectly add low-end notes to your Macbook’s audio, the Bassjump does one job and does it well. Combining powers with your laptop speakers to push out great sounding audio, the Bassjump is designed to be portable too(it even comes with a carrying case). It connects via USB and runs without batteries but rather solely via cable (allowing it to work in sync with your Macbook like a dream). The Bassjump even comes with its own custom software calibrated to work with Macbooks, Macbook Pros, Macbook Airs, and the iMac, tweaking its performance based on the device you connect it to (it works with Windows devices too, but lacks that calibrated audio balancing). Oh, and at just $53 it costs literally 1/6th the price of those Apple Homepod speakers everyone seems to be talking about. The only con? No stereo audio… but that stands true for the Homepod too.

Designer: Twelve South